What is MobiLock Pro

MobiLock Pro kiosk lockdown software any android device into kiosk mode, replacing the home screen with customized one. The custom home screen displays the personalized branding of the company and only the selected application and websites authorized by the admin. MobiLock Pro allow you to manage applications, websites, set a default application, clear data , deploy branding and track a device via a GPS when locked. All of the above can be done remotely from a cloud-based admin dashboard.


MobiLock Pro makes way for significant cost-saving on internet and data charges by blocking data consuming and unnecessary applications. Maintenance costs are also cut by making the setting password  protected so employees cannot tamper with the device. The application embeds a real-time GPS tracking system which proves to be extremely handy in case of loss or theft of the device.

Features of MobiLock Pro

  1. Password Protected Kiosk Lockdown
  2. Remote Admin Dashboard
  3. Manage Applications
  4. Custom Branding
  5. Device Profiles
  6. Device Groups
  7. Clear Data
  8. Whitelisting Websites (Kiosk Browser)
  9. Location Tracking
  10. Copy Settings
  11. Send Alarm
  12. Broadcast Message
  13. Lock/Unlock
  14. Wifi Settings
  15. Duplicate Devices
  16. Samsung KNOX
  17. Enterprise Store
  18. Device Admin
  19. Developer API
  20. Security Incident
  21. Sim Swap
  22. Geo Fancing
  23. Remote Control
  24. Alternative to MDM

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Five Reasons to Use MobiLock for Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Allowing employees’ use Mobile Devices at work has become a trend in Enterprises, since the use of Mobile Devices at work is cost effective, provides better connectivity among the employees and better communication within the enterprise. Moreover use of Mobile Devices at work offer flexibility, convenience and ease of use, which is why business are rooting for Mobile Device Management solutions to manage Mobility efficiently. MDM solution ensures employees productivity and keeps him focused on job while using Mobile Device. MDM is a need not only for big enterprises but also for Small and Medium scale businesses, since they are more likely to adopt mobile technology quicker than the bigger players.

Companies just cannot let employees use mobile device at work without any control over it because this will allow employees to use the device for his/her own personal entertainment, which will considerably reduce his/her productivity. MDM solutions help in remotely accessing the devices via cloud and managing the devices by enabling/disabling applications on devices, tracking the devices, data and configuration settings of mobile devices.

Headquartered in Pune (India), MobiLock has been in the MDM business since 2014 and has helped companies by controlling the apps on the devices and configuring the devices as per the business needs and make sure that mobile devices are made to effective use by the employee thereby considerably increasing the productivity of the employees and decreasing data costs.


Benefits of Mobile Device Management

Using Mobile Devices has many benefits but it also comes with some disadvantages such as, employees using non business related apps on the device, tracking the device, securing data on the device in case of theft, remotely accessing the devices, managing content on the device and controlling internet activity of the employees. All these problems could turn out to be disastrous for any organization and may leads to failure.

Android Device Management solution enables an organization to manage the Mobile Devices via cloud. Using MDM solution, organization can remotely upload Apps on devices, track devices in real time, remotely wipe data from devices, restrict internet activity and assign devices to device groups for better management. This allows the organization to tackle the disadvantages of Mobility at work.

MobiLock has helped organization to effectively deploy hassle free and cost effective MDM solution in their organizations in a simple to use and efficient way.

Features of MobiLock

With the use of Mobile Devices in Enterprises growing day by day, we can say that era of using Mobile Devices at Work is here to stay.

Let’s take a look at how companies are using MobiLock Pro as a MDM solution to keep employee productivity in check and reducing data costs.

1. Activation

When an Organization issues an Android Mobile Device to its employee it needs to be registered with MobiLock Pro ID to enable MobiLock features on it.

MobiLock provides simple steps to activate MobiLock on he device.

Firstly, the Owner or the Admin has to Sign Up into MobiLock website and once he/she confirms the Sign Up he/she gets an access to Admin Dashboard.

Secondly, the new device(s) to be added to the dashboard must have MobiLock Pro App viz. Android Kiosk Mode App installed on it (user can easily download the App from Google Play store) and the user must Sign In on the App using the same credentials used to access the Admin dashboard.

And the Activation is Complete!!

Now the Admin can see the registered device(s) on his dashboard and can remotely apply all the configuration settings of MobiLock features on the Android Mobile device with the help of Admin Dashboard.

2. Lock device(s) in kiosk Mode

Once the Android Mobile Device is registered with MobiLock, it enters into Android Kiosk Mode, which allows the Admin to have remote access to the device(s).

MobiLock Pro will act as a Kiosk for Android device and In Lock Mode, Admin can choose to Enable/Disable any App on the device and the device(s). This will allow the Admin to keep only business related Apps on the device.

MobiLock Pro which is Android Kiosk Mode App also allows the Admin to Track the location of the device(s) in real time.

Along with these MDM features, MobiLock Dashboard provides features such as sending Alarm, Broadcast Messages, create device profiles with pre-set MobiLock feature settings and apply to devices, Wi-Fi configuration settings, Customize the Kiosk Mode screen to brand your company etc.

3. Device Groups

This is a MobiLock MDM feature which relieve the Admin from managing individual devices, MobiLock provides a unique feature of having Device Groups. Individual devices given to employees doing similar work can be added to one Device Group. This helps the Admin to apply feature setting to the entire group at once rather than to individual devices. This helps the Admin to manage a large number of devices with ease by creating Device Groups.

The Admin can also add a new device directly to Device Groups right at the time of its registration by using Group Enrollment Key. This will add a new device directly to the Group and the device will have all the group settings.

4. Location Tracking

Location tracking is a feature which allows the admin to track the location of the registered device(s) in real time. The Admin can see the whereabouts of all the registered devices on his Admin dashboard.

MobiLock also provides a Geo-Fencing feature which allows the admin to set a virtual fence/perimeter for the devices. If a device(s) moves out of that perimeter/fence the admin will receive a notification immediately on his Email as well as on Dashboard with device information.

5. Security

Security is the prime and most important feature in Android MDM solution. MobiLock provides Security feature in MDM solution which helps the organization to secure the device(s) and the device(s) content in case of theft.

  • Exit Passcode: – The Employee using the registered mobile devices cannot exit the Kiosk Mode until and unless he enters an Exit Passcode which is set by the Admin. If he tries to exit MobiLock Kiosk Mode forcibly by using wrong exit passcode more than 3 consecutive times, the Admin will get a notification in Security Incident section along with the Device information and Image of the user captured by the front camera of the device.

Note: If front camera is not available only Device Information will be shown.

  • SIM Swaps: – If an Employee using registered Mobile Devices changes the SIM card of the devices, the Admin will receive a notification about this change on his Dashboard along with Device Information.
  • Remotely Clear Files: – The Admin can remotely clear the Photos, Videos, Images and Audio files on the external SD card of the devices remotely in case of any theft.