What is MobiLock Pro

MobiLock Pro kiosk lockdown software any android device into kiosk mode, replacing the home screen with customized one. The custom home screen displays the personalized branding of the company and only the selected application and websites authorized by the admin. MobiLock Pro allow you to manage applications, websites, set a default application, clear data , deploy branding and track a device via a GPS when locked. All of the above can be done remotely from a cloud-based admin dashboard.


MobiLock Pro makes way for significant cost-saving on internet and data charges by blocking data consuming and unnecessary applications. Maintenance costs are also cut by making the setting password  protected so employees cannot tamper with the device. The application embeds a real-time GPS tracking system which proves to be extremely handy in case of loss or theft of the device.

Features of MobiLock Pro

  1. Password Protected Kiosk Lockdown
  2. Remote Admin Dashboard
  3. Manage Applications
  4. Custom Branding
  5. Device Profiles
  6. Device Groups
  7. Clear Data
  8. Whitelisting Websites (Kiosk Browser)
  9. Location Tracking
  10. Copy Settings
  11. Send Alarm
  12. Broadcast Message
  13. Lock/Unlock
  14. Wifi Settings
  15. Duplicate Devices
  16. Samsung KNOX
  17. Enterprise Store
  18. Device Admin
  19. Developer API
  20. Security Incident
  21. Sim Swap
  22. Geo Fancing
  23. Remote Control
  24. Alternative to MDM

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